But I just don't see how Ayurveda would help me...

Almost every day, someone engages me in conversation about Ayurveda.  What am I up to these days?  How did I start doing this?  Do I like it?  What is it?  And in each of these moments, I attempt to present Ayurveda in its simplest form…and in a way that makes people understand how it can work for them.  But, often, I see eyes glaze over and interest fizzle as it is often hard to see how this could possibly relate to you.  You don't have a chronic disease.  You feel OK most of the time.  And your medicines work just fine, with no side effects that you feel.  

Therefore, I thought presenting a concrete example of how Ayurveda has changed someone's life - someone who experiences a lot of the same issues that people face on a regular basis (anxiety, stress-induced sleep issues, skin inflammation/rashes, heartburn, digestive issues) - would highlight Ayurveda in a different context.  A context in which people could relate.  

This client came to see me because, well, she is my best friend and probably felt obligated to help me in my clinical studies while I was in school.  I am not sure she realized how much Ayurveda would change her life…and I am not sure I realized it either.

After our initial consultation, as any great friend would, she dove in to Ayurveda.  She followed my recommendations to a tee, hoping that she would be able to help me in my studies and give me a great case to present at school.  These changes, however, quickly made an impact on her life.  These, I dare say, were unexpected changes and changes that were extremely welcome.  Because of Ayurveda, and my guidance, she was able to wean off of her anti-anxiety medication and her heartburn medication.  Her skin issues cleared up and now, if she has a flare up, she is armed with the tools to treat it and has found much success with this.  She knows what to do if she starts to feel sick, or better yet, if her kids start to get sick.  And speaking of her children, she has also started to apply the principles of Ayurveda to their lives.   Due to this, we have been able to cease chronic nose bleeds with her 6-year old son and she no longer needs to travel around with a nose-clip, "just in case".  It's these little victories that make my heart smile and remind me why I am doing what I am doing.  

So, basically, my point in sharing all of this is to show that Ayurveda isn't just for certain people.  It is the "Science of Life" and is applicable in everyone's life.  I often feel like a broken record, but I repeatedly say that it isn't just a practice for the sick…it's truly a practice for the well.  Ayurveda helps us to be the best version of ourselves.

I hope you will allow me to guide you on this journey, just as my best friend did.  I think she would tell you it was worth it.


What's she going on about?

I’ve been thinking and looking for a while for a topic to get me started on a blog for The Balance Center.  And then it occurred to me that I already had a topic...one that is so close to me that I didn’t see it.  For some, this is old news, but for others it may explain why I’ve been all over social media talking about Ayurveda and The Balance Center.